Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fun Day (Except for my Achin' Feet)

Thomy, Cliff & I had a beautiful "only in NY" kind of day. I started out by walking about a mile to the bank this a.m., but once we got to NYC, we walked from 23rd & 6th to 25th & 10th; criss-crossed 25th street visiting numerous galleries. We got to see the Philip Pearlstein exhibit, including the paintings of one of his favorite models, who happens to be our neighbor! We also saw the exhibit of Wes Lang's work. He is the nephew of my watercolor instructor. More gallery-hopping on 22nd St., and a short stop at the Commes des Garcons store. The artful arrangement of the space is worth a visit, but $1000+ for a jacket with unfinished edges, hanging threads and all?

Then a cab over to 80th & Third for what we thought would be a late lunch at Brasserie Julien. By then it was 2:15 p.m., but Julien's doesn't open for lunch until 3:30 p.m. So we tried Tiramisu instead. Really good brick oven pizzas and a delicious homemade tiramisu (1 dish; 3 spoons). To walk all that off, we went from 80th & 3rd to 70th & 5th to the Frick Museum for the special exhibit of "Memling's Portraits." (15th Century). Although the Frick is a beautiful museum with wonderful stuff, once we did those two galleries, we were done! Sat in the interior court garden resting our feet for a while, and then back to Penn Station and home. Whew!

Do I have any photos? Need you ask? But later. I can't deal with the downloading problems at this hour of the morning.


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