Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hey--the Sun is Out!

--13.49 inches of rain has fallen this month in New York City's Central Park. This total surpasses the previous October record of 13.31 inches, set way back in 1903. The wettest month ever for New York came in September 1882, when 16.85 inches fell.

Got up this morning--sun & blue skies! Can't say I miss the rain hitting the windows and puddling on the terrace.

Just a little "before" picture to remind me not complain because along with the sunshine, there's a cool wind!

Rainy Sunny And this is the view at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning -- Blue Skies, White Clouds!

Well, have stuff to do this Saturday morning, now that I can get out without an umbrella. I'll post the "Blue Skies" photo later--bet you can hardly wait!

(Don't know why the weird spacing in the weather report...probably one of those HTML things I haven't figured out yet. I did find out what HTML stands for--"Hyper Text Markup Language." Well, that makes everything perfectly clear. And I thought Hyper Text Markup Language meant when they raise the price of coffee on the shelves because of a frost in Brazil 6 months later!)

When I checked the blog later, the spacing was OK. Go figure.


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