Monday, October 17, 2005

The Met Roof on Saturday--a Newark Roof on Sunday

We did a short version of the Studio Tour on Broad Street, Central Avenue, and Washington Street in Newark. After seeing Van Gogh & Sol LeWitt at the Met, it was a little hard to accept a pile of old TV tubes as "sculpture." Ditto for carpet squares removed in place and then suspended over the vacant spots at different heights. So I took no photos until we got to the 17th Floor of One Washington Street. What spectacular views! We also spent a few fun minutes with the owners of the fairly new restaurant Mix 27 on Halsey Street. Looks like it might be a fun place for lunch when we are at the Museum.

I don't know why I start this stuff at midnight, but here goes trying to download the photos.... It looks like a golden light is shining down on the rebirth of Newark!


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