Saturday, October 15, 2005

Van Gogh, Sol LeWitt, and Occult Photography!

What a great day...first the sun came out; then Docent duty at the Newark Museum. Gave Ray and Jimmy the photos I took of them at Ulysses' 25th Anniversary and the Jersey City trip departure on Sept 17, respectively. Caught the train to Penn Station from Broad Street, and then the subway to the Metropolitan Museum. This was my last chance to catch the members' preview of Van Gogh's drawings. Even with members only, it was very crowded. I can imagine the mob scene once it's open to the general public. I particularly loved the drawings of Arles and St. Remy & the Asylum since I've been there and actually did some paintings on the hospital grounds. Got this big fat eraser with Van Gogh's self portrait drawing on it. Maybe if I erase carefully....never mind, Vinnie didn't make it big until after he died!

Then this really odd show of ghostly apparitions allegedly photographed at seances; ectoplasm spewing out of mouths and stomaches, etc. The show covered the 1800s to 1950. Too bad they didn't bring it up to date. I wonder what they'd make of the "aura" photos taken in an occult bookstore near the Chartres Cathedral.

Then up to the roof to see the Sol LeWitt sculptures. By then it was dark, the pieces were not lit, but the NYC skyline was spectacular. What a place to share a romantic cocktail with someone. As you got off the elevator the entrance to the roof deck was a perfect frame for the sparkling night sky. A real "New York Moment."

Next stop--a light supper at the Museum Cafe. Pinot Noir, Smoked Trout, and Espresso. I was pretending I was in St. Remy!

Back to reality--Penn Station and the train were filled with NY Ranger fans from New Jersey who had been to Madison Square Garden. Not much art-speak going on there!

Even the taxi ride home was interesting...a Haitian cab driver who will be at the Taxi Day at the Newark Museum. He said he's gone for the last couple of years--and for the first time, I volunteered to be a docent on that day.

This has been a very talky you think it's the wine, the espresso, or the trout?

Bon Nuit, mes amis!


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