Sunday, October 16, 2005

Go, Van Gogh!

Here's where I spent Saturday evening; got to see Van Gogh and Sol Lewitt. Not enough time to "Czech" out Prague!

Imagine Van Gogh glaring at you from the front of a 2"x3" eraser as you work on a drawing...inspiration or desperation?

Will add some more illustrations later...running off to some Art Exhibits with Thomy & Cliff...the new hot art scene...Newark, New Jersey.
I love these Van Goghs because they include the beautiful cypress trees that are in the area of Arles & St. Remy where he checked himself into the Asylum.
Please don't mistake the above for a long lost Van Gogh drawing. Hah! It's a watercolor & ink drawing I did of the walls outside the asylum in St. Remy. For some reason they wouldn't let us in! Don't know why--we were a bunch of slightly mad painters on a field trip. Somewhere I have a painting I did of the cypress trees on the grounds...if I find it, you'll surely think I qualified for admittance.


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