Tuesday, October 18, 2005

White Elephants--Pink Elephants?

Went with Thomy to the NMVO Annual Meeting & White Elephant Sale. They raised $1010 from the various donated items. Thomy was the winning bidder on the flower painting I did; Liz got the 2 India photographs; I got a pretty handknit scarf that Connie had made. Heard great things about the major expansion of the Museum scheduled for completion in 2010 (I won't worry about it!), with Michael Graves as the Architect. Thomy & I did some envelope stuffing for the "Off The Pedestal" show in 2006, and then had lunch at Mix 27. OK Cuban sandwich & side salad; excellent Mojito!

Back to the Museum, stuffed a few more envelopes, picked up our stuff, and home. Lorraine was holding her Watercolor class, and I saw former fellow students--Judith, Bill, Vernell, Frances, and a resident of HPT (I think she's Adrienne's mother). What a small world. They were painting small pumpkins and green squash, which brought back memories of my first class. Somewhere I have the most awful pumpkin paintings that look like orange tennis balls! I almost donated a pumpkin painting for the white elephant sale (appropriate to the season), but I like it too much to give it away right now. Anyway, these are the photos and painting that sold (to benefit the Museum):


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