Monday, October 24, 2005

Down by the Sea - Painting & Eating!

Spent from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon in Ocean Grove, a block away from the Atlantic Ocean. It rained on Friday, poured on Saturday. When did the sun come out? Sun-day! So much for "en plein air" painting. Did get a chance to walk along the shore and take some photos; too breezy to paint--the water cup nearly fell over and my hair kept getting in my eyes. What a joy to spend time with other painters just creating and talking art. Next time we'll be sure to bring the wine and it will be a little bit of Brittany or Provence (or Paris) right here in "Joisey."

The Manchester Inn had more lace curtains, ribbons, decorative wall painting, borders & bows and knicknacks than a Victorian catalog! Just the right atmosphere for a class in "china painting" but what were we there for? "The Joys of Abstraction!" Actually, I think the contrast of our surroundings with our work helped to keep us focused.

We also managed to do some good eating..both the buffet lunch & breakfast at the Inn were bountiful, varied and well prepared, and we had a couple of good dinners at Bistro Ole and Oceana. Bistro Ole has excellent food and is a "trip." In fact, it's worth a trip down to Asbury Park. No reservations, and no place to wait, except outside, so the proprietor suggests you go somewhere in the area to have your cocktails and they'll call you on your cell phone when your table is available! Sort of a Cuban version of the Outback.

Well, it's back to the real world. Some catching up to do, and then it's to the Museum for a Docent class at 2:00 p.m. Photos of the Inn, the Sea, the Artists, and some of my "Abstractions" later.


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