Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Joys of Abstraction - At Last!

I originally thought of this as a first wash of the scene on the shore, to be glazed over with more colors & details--then again--perhaps this is it--it's done.
Did all that flowered wallpaper get to me?
I found a fallen leaf tossed by the wind - Inspiration

Just Water, Paper, Paint; add a little Paste -- Voila! Collage Art
You'd never guess what this was originally--and I'm not telling!
Now that's Abstract!
OK -- It's not a painting. But it is a George O'Keeffe-ish photo of a tiny orchid-like flower that was rescued from the tower of a delicious chocolate dessert at Bistro Ole
And to say goodnight (or morning) with a quote from one of my favorite guys, "To do good work one must eat well...have one's fling from time to time...and drink one's coffee in peace." - June 1888 Vincent
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Blogger Marina Vazzana said...

Beautiful Work!

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