Thursday, November 10, 2005

I thought I'd retired!

Between the Museum and the Co-op Board....I've been putting in some long hours working! How can I resist....that's the thing about volunteer income, no income tax.

Tomorrow I'm "Docent Day Captain," which means I get to hang out at the Museum while other docents take visitors on tours. They're taking down "Alice's Wedding" in the Ballantine House so it can be re-decorated for a Victorian Christmas, "Feasting With Family & Friends." My sister donated some old wedding photographer photos that were displayed in a cabinet in the Music Room. I'll take some digital photos of the display before it's dismantled.

Without visuals, this is a blah-blog. Or a blah-blah-blah blog! I've just got to add a little something from my Picasa stash..not for you, but for me! So check out the next blog.


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