Friday, November 04, 2005

Ariel, the Princess

Ariel, who's usually a flying fur ball (no one told her that at age 12 she's getting a little old for that stuff), hasn't been herself for the last week. No jumping onto the couch, staying in her bed or cuddled up to the toilet on the tile floor, crying when I picked her up or touched her paws. I noticed a cataract in her right eye, and started imagining things like a brain tumor, severe arthritis, etc. and so I made an appointment with the vet, expecting the worst!

Wouldn't you know it--she had a broken toe nail. Now isn't that just like a true princess--having a bad nail day!

Actually, there was more to it--because of the cataract it appears she may have misjudged one of her flying leaps and fallen, spraining her neck and breaking the nail at the quick. She may even have hit her head. The x-rays showed nothing serious, and the vet gave her an anti-inflammatory shot, prescribed some pills, and took care of the broken nail. And wasn't she clever, using the cool porcelain of the toilet bowl as a cold compress for her aching head and neck.

Even a few hours later she seems much more like herself, although she isn't doing any couch leaping--she's a quick learner!

I didn't realize how stressed I was, until I realized how relieved I am now that I know she'll be OK.

And that's my furry dog story!
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