Monday, October 31, 2005

Taxi Day at the Newark Museum

Only got to do one tour in the morning, but those taxi drivers are a lot of fun! There was a NY Times photographer who followed us around on the tour....but who knows what will make the paper (NJ edition). He asked me for my name...hope I didn't jokingly say something I shouldn't have!

Using the taxicab yellow for this blog...there was a sea of them in front of the Museum. Apparently they have to go through some sort of annual inspection, which is done in the Museum Parking Lot. After they are registered, they come into the Museum for lunch and a tour. The hope is that they will suggest to their fares that the Newark Museum is a great place to visit.

Cab Driver Cab Driver Cab Driver

The top of the cab is black, so you can't see it on the black background. Something new..convertible cabs!


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