Wednesday, August 29, 2007

After The Blackout - A Flickr

Yes, we really had one between 7:00-8:00 pm tonight. Fortunately, it was still light out when it started so I was able to round up a flash light and a battery-operated radio and even had batteries! Checked the news, but nothing. The portable phone wasn't working, but by the time I got myself together to check it out...the lights came back on.

I just figured out how to add "Flickr" to this blog...appropriate after a blackout. I'm waiting to hear from Blogger as to how to post my video.

I didn't pick up my mail today, so I'm living dangerously and taking the elevator down 14 floors (flashlight in hand, just in case).

Just been having a ball with all this techie stuff: photojojo, dumpr, and now flickr! Beats dusting and washing the floor any day!


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