Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chelsea - Inside and Out

Yesterday was a great NYC day. I spent about 4 hours walking from Penn Station to Chelsea, in and out of galleries. I saw 3 shows involving photography and of course, the Louise Bourgeois/Lynda Benglis sculptures. I got the OK to take the sculpture photos, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to take photos of photographers' photos. Besides the Bourgeois/Benglis works, the exhibit "The Sweethearts of Mr. Bartlett" (Morton Bartlett) was the most fascinating. There were 3 of his doll "children," his black and white photos, drawings, and the large color prints from his slides.

After a light lunch of delicious chicken curry at a Thai restaurant on 8th Ave., "Spice," a terrific performance by the Michael Swuin dance company at the Joyce Theater. After, iced coffee from Billy's Bakery on 9th Ave (I waited until I got home to dig into the cupcakes and lemon bars).

Sculpture Inside

Louise Bourgeois

Lynda Berglis

Sculpture Outside
Flower box in front of a Church

Parking Garage

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