Sunday, December 18, 2005

Party Time!

Haven't done much blogging lately -- it's the holiday party season. First, the 30th Anniversary of the Newark Museum Volunteer Organization. Although I was the "unofficial" photographer for the event, I don't know who might not want a picture posted in blogland, so I'm only using this one of the table decoration. The celebration on Tuesday, December 13th, was attended by more than 130 people.

This was followed by an HPO Employee Holiday Party on Friday, December 16th. Posted by Picasa

Since I don't like to post photos of the subjects without their permission, I'm only posting "people-less" pictures. Here's the beautiful table setting for the luncheon, created by one of our talented residents, Ralph. Looks like a House & Garden magazine layout, doesn't it? Posted by Picasa

I guess you could post this under "Real & Unreal," but the real cake tasted a lot better than the unreal plastic decorations. I suppose bakeries no longer have the talented people who created buttercream roses that we fought over as kids! These decorations will end up in living forever in some landfill, instead of being recycled on our hips.

Saturday, December 17th was hectic. First, I met Pablo at 7:30 a.m. so we could take Ariel to the vet. She's been sick for the last week. Some $340 later, I'll get the test results on Monday! Then the usual Central Ave bus trek to the Newark Museum for Docent duty. Actually, it was fun, because about 10 people took the "Power Dressing" tour. Back to the bus, which broke down after 2 blocks. Slight problem, instead of going uphill, the driver could only go backwards! After 10 minutes in the cold & wind, another bus came along. Instead of pulling in behind the disabled bus, he decides to go 1/2 a block across the street, and up the hill. So, with about 15 other people, jogged up a hill to catch the bus. This was followed by the usual 1/2 mile walk from the bus stop. Fortunately one of our residents spotted me hiking and gave me a lift for most of the way.

The HPO Holiday Party started at 5:00 p.m., I sure couldn't! After a short nap (1-1/2 hrs), I got down to the party around 7:00 p.m. Still lots of great food and good company. After about three servings of Kathy T's famous Bermuda Rum Punch, who took pictures! Actually, I did get some photos, but I don't like to post without permission. There was also great competition at the Silent Auction. I ended up with about $40 worth of stuff I didn't need for my $10 investment. Since I can't post the people photos, I'll do a still life of my Auction goodies instead. Later! Haven't done much today except dose Ariel with her medication, blog a little, print out some party other words, just hanging out at home. I can't believe next weekend is Christmas!


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