Saturday, December 03, 2005

Only 22 More Shopping Days Until......

I took my usual Saturday stroll on Central Avenue, except I skipped Dunkin' Donuts! First the bank, and then the Dollar Store. Did anyone ever go to a Dollar Store and spend just one dollar? So almost $40 later (but I did get gift wrapping stuff, and some Stocking Stuffer trinkets), what do I run into? The Holiday Bazaar in the Lobby. A necklace & earring set from Adrienne, a woolen topper from Denise, 2 bars of Soap (really beautiful--look like slabs of semi-precious stones--for Christmas gifts), some Patchouli oil, and a Rum cake, curry chicken and a beef patty from Nikki's parents. All that and I never left the building! All this shopping has me tired--maybe tomorrow I'll add a photo of some of the great stuff I got (except for the beef patty and the curry chicken--Ariel, Belle & I finished that off).

Have lots of Museum, Co-op and personal "Must Do" stuff for tomorrow, so I think I'll just have a cup of something and watch a movie--"L.A. Confidential" should keep me awake!

Shopping 2


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