Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fun & Fashion - in a Museum

Turned out to be a fun day at the Museum. As Day Captain, I was lucky to have a team of terrific docents. The 40 visitors from Philadelphia for the booked tours left with compliments for the Museum and the docents. Then I hung around with Janet until the 6:30 pm Lecture by designer Mary McFadden. The slide lecture showed the African and other ethnic inspirations for some of her clothing designs. Interesting...followed by a wine & cheese reception in the Engelhardt Court. Ms. McFadden autographed the book I purchased, "High Priestess of High Fashion." Great designer and interesting woman...she's on husband #11, who is less than half her age. Do you suppose being constantly on the go all over the world keeps her young? Sounds like a plan to me!


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