Thursday, November 17, 2005

In a Black Mood

I've spent most of today dealing with co-op problems, and hunched over a batch of unpaid invoices. Nothing fun about I went into my "Picasa" stash and came up with these architectural tidbits from a museum tour of Newark back in September. From "The City Without Walls" to lovely old mansions.
Something old.....
Something new....
Old and New takes on the simple circle

I'm sooo excited. I tried numerous times to download this photo along with the others. Kept getting the message "Web site not responding." Why? So I "Googled" the photo to "Utter Frustration," copied the HTML to this site, ignored the Error message (I love doing that), and voila! Here it is! Perhaps this photo wasn't worth the effort, but getting the convoluted process to work...that was fun!


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