Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chocolate Sunday in New York

Well, I didn't think it was possible...but I've had enough Chocolate!

Sunday was the last day of the Chocolate Show. We waited about 45 minutes on line, but were fed chocolate tidbits to pass the time. It was absolute chocoholic heaven inside. Belgian, French, Spanish, Italian, African, Colombian, Japan, chocolate from all over the world. There were chocolate truffles, chocolate covered apricots, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate flavored tea, hot chocoloate, chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies, & of course, chocolate turkeys and chocolate martinis! And everyone was forcing free samples on you. There were chocolate-themed t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, baseball caps, etc. - all very cute and of course, very over-priced. A couple of wine merchants also had displays and free samples...that was a welcome relief from all that chocolate!

I bought some truffles and fancy chocolates for Thanksgiving treats at Ann's. I am resolved that they will remain untouched and intact in the refrigerator. It was impossible to get photos of the chocolate displays...too many people munching. But I did get the non-edible items...chocolate fashions and the collages that an artist created out of chocolate wrappers.

After all that walking and choc-ing we walked from 18th & 6th Ave to 23rd & 8th. We rested our feet by watching a very interesting movie, "Capote." Then another "stroll" to 25th & 10th, and dinner at the "Red Cat." Very good food, lively atmosphere, and Kingston, a pleasant and helpful waiter. Another "stroll" to the Path station on 6th Ave, and finally, at round 9:30 p.m. home.

It was a fun Fall day in NYC, but oh, my aching feet! Except for the movie and dinner breaks, we'd been walking for about 7 hours. In fact, we had to stand most of the time for the Path train ride home to New Jersey.
Chocolate Fashion
A little Vampire Fashion?
Furry Chocolate?
Now we know why Mona's smiling...she's full of chocolate!

That just about wraps it up, which is what this artist did. She created collages from chocolate wrappers! Think of all the fun she had gathering her materials.


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