Saturday, December 24, 2005

So What Does That Make Me?

Just a random thought

A quote from Womens Wallstreet:

"Tips for TIFs
Last year, computer chip giant Intel reported that TIFs -- Technology Involved Females -- were on the rise. Who is this "TIF"? She's from any background, can be any age, is smart, savvy and not afraid of technology. Intel took the info to heart and has actively been marketing its technology to women as well as men. Now, according to a research project just released by Cornell Law School, women are now making 50% of technology purchases -- an industry that used to be dominated by male consumers. "

I also read somewhere that the number of "senior" bloggers, while only a small percentage of the blog universe, is also growing.

My question is this...If a technology involved female is a TIF, is a senior technology involved female a STIF? I HOPE NOT!


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