Sunday, December 25, 2005

It's Christmas!

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The only real Christmas decoration this year. I can't count the artificial wreath on the apartment door, nor the red poinsettias I used to decorate the Garden Nymph. I thought the colors looked too washed out when I used a flash. These without the flash are brighter, but have a more yellow cast than in reality.

What a way to spend Christmas Day--fussing around with photos & blogging! Well, Ariel and I had some minor health issues, so we were kind of housebound. Missed out on the usual wonderful family day at my sister's house with all the nieces, nephews-in-law and the grandnieces and grandnephews. They promised to take lots of digital photos and of course, save a piece of the Christmas roast for me.

I actually "cooked" Christmas dinner for Ariel, Belle & myself. Caesar salad, a cut of ham, fresh asparagus with a dash of wasabi sauce (I'm getting sooo gourmet), and a fresh baked yam (microwaved, of course). A glass (or two) of a White Alsace Wine and a big hunk of chocolate for dessert helped to make things festive, along with a Christmas tape.


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