Sunday, November 28, 2010

Absinthe At Last!

I finally removed the red wax seal and used a manual corkscrew to remove the cork. No special absinthe glass, so I made do with a small cordial glass and diluted the 120 proof absinthe with 5 to 1 icewater, and it turned that milky white. Either I didn't drink enough, or diluted it too much. None of that "clarity" mentioned in the YouTube video, but I did fall asleep while watching an interesting Netflix DVD, "Lovely Bones." I was expecting artistic inspiration, but all I did was print out some of the photos I took on Thanksgiving. In fact, I found a digital ala Jackson Pollock I did some time ago, no Absinthe involved. What was I on that day? Probably too much sugar!
Abstract absent Absinthe

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