Saturday, November 27, 2010

Absinthe Makes the Heart.........

After seeing this "CHOW" video, I decided to invest in a bottle of St. George Absinthe Verte. Opening the bottle was a challenge. It comes corked, with a red wax seal. With the glass "lip" I had to use a manual corkscrew. That first whiff when I popped the cork was very nice. I didn't have a proper Absinthe glass, but I used a small wine glass, and approximately 5 oz. icewater to 1 oz. absinthe. Well, I didn't feel particularly "clear" or "creative," but I did fall asleep while watching an interesting Netflix movie. That's not quite the effect I was anticipating. Perhaps a second drink or a lesser dilution...but since this stuff is 120 proof, I'm not sure I want to try it.

I did have fun googling Absinthe paraphernalia and there are some beautiful water fountains, glasses and posters...all very expensive. I will definitely not buy any of them.

I did take photos which I'll post later. Who knows..perhaps the "Green Fairy" did encourage some creativity after all.



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