Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Color My World!

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Just spent three days on an Artscape watercolor retreat in Ocean Grove, NJ. The subject of the course was.....can you guess?......COLOR! This is a collage of some of the pieces I did, just having fun and playing with color.
I love the Jersey Shore in the off season. Although it was cool and there were sea breezes, the sun was bright, and the boardwalk and beach were bare, which made for some good photographs.
It was great spending time with other artists, painting, discussing art (and politics...how could you not), drinking wine, and eating well, right down to some delicious icecream on Saturday night.


Blogger Karen R said...

I love these little paintings and they look wonderful as a collage!

I have always wanted to learn watercoloring...it is my favorite medium for paintings. I know getting to see your work will be an inspiration to me!

1:50 AM  

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