Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Rate the Debates

I've signed up to monitor the debates between the Presidential candidates, starting Friday. Then again...there may not be one on Friday; McCain's too busy saving the country from financial ruin. If there is one, I hope the questions are not like the one on Katie Couric's interview...."What's your favorite movie?"...oh, yeah, that's insightful! How about "What impact did deregulation have on the collapse of Wall Street firms"?

Here's a thought? If the Friday debate is postponed, is it possible that given the time frame, the debate between the Vice Presidential candidates will be eliminated?
Hmmm...could David Letterman be right? When hero McCain canceled his appearance on the Letterman show last night, was he afraid to send in his team mate to sub for him? I guess some things are scarier than being in a Vietnam prison camp, such as Sarah the VP candidate who is to be seen but not heard! Perhaps now that she has spent time sitting across from some heads of state of foreign countries (in addition to seeing Russia from home) she can share with us her informed knowledge of foreign policy.

I find it most interesting that it's not the talking heads nor the political analysts who really get's the comedians...Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, and yes, Paris Hilton!

But there's nothing funny about the bailout that will cost every man, woman and child in the US $3600. Where's our share of the obscene salaries and million-dollar golden parachutes? Can those who've lost their homes apply it towards a month in a mansion in the Hamptons? How come the taxpayers only get to share the losses and not the profits?


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