Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sting Shaved on Stage!

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My niece Vicki & I went to the final concert of The Police at Madison Square Garden. The seats were dead center, but in the second tier, so thank goodness for the big screen projection. MSG forbids cameras with telephoto lenses, so this is the best I could do with the Nikon D80 50mm lens. I should have tucked the telephoto in my bag, with 19,000 people there, who would even notice. Also binoculars, just in case! One thing we didn't miss out on was the sound system...yikes! But there is something about a live performance with a huge crowd that you don't get with a filmed version. I thought the trip to Penn Station would be a's right there, but I didn't factor in the time it takes for 19,000 people to vacate a place. They turned off the escalators so we inched our way down 4 flights of escalator steps. I know I slowed Vicki down...she amazed me with her zipping through the crowds on the street earlier in the evening. She not a New Yorker, but she said she gets her practice zipping through the Mall crowds on Long Island.
Before the last set Sting went backstage to have his beard shaved off as we all watched on the projection screen. When he came back out beardless (and shirtless)! he looked 20 years younger. There was also a touching group hug with his 2 band mates at the end.
Preceded by a good dinner/wine tasting at the District restaurant, and good conversation with my niece, it was a fun evening, taking into account the fact that I'd had about 1-1/2 hours sleep the night before...but that's another story.


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