Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sal, Pablo, Jeff & I!

Hanging with the big guys...Dali, Picasso & Koons at the MOMA and Metropolitan Museums. Unfortunately 2 out of 3 are no longer with us.

If you look closely, you'll see my self-portrait taking a photo, reflected in the Jeff Koon's sculpture, "Sacred Heart(Red/Gold). I love it because like a fun house mirror, it makes me look tall and thin!

Entrance to the Salvador Dali exhibit, "Dali: Painting and Film" at MOMA through Sepember 15, 2008. As usual, no photos allowed inside the exhibit. It's a fantastic exhibit and includes a number of films such as Un Chien andalou and one in collaboration with Disney called Destino that's wonderful. If you are in NYC you only have until September 15th to catch this wonderful show.

Pablo Picasso's sculpture in the MOMA Garden...waiting for the live music concert inspired by the global adventures of Salvador Dali, including a piece by Erik Satie.

Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog (Yellow) on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum. The exhibit was of 3 pieces that have never before been on public display.

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Self-portrait as reflected in Jeff Koons' Sacred Heart (Red/Gold). Don't I look tall & thin? Makes me want to break open the Slimfast!


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