Thursday, November 09, 2006

Too Busy to Blog!

But it's been a good week! First, how do I feel about the Tuesday Election results???United We StandAND WE DID IT!
Lots of important HPT stuff happening this week; Museum meetings, Docent duty, etc. Last night was a blast at the Chili & Beer fund raiser. The turnout was great; the heavy rain and flooding all day didn't stop the beer devotees! There were 13 Tables from various breweries , providing samples of more than 50 different beers & ales, and about 7 different chilis, from vegetarian to barbecued ribs. I was the newsletter photographer for the event, so I could only taste 4 or 5 of the different beers and 4 of the Chilis....well, I tried my best! I'm not a beer drinker but I did like several of the brews from a Canadian brewery "Unibroue." Ale House Today I had a couple of scheduled Museum tours and an HPT meeting tonight. Tomorrow I'm off for a trip to Philadelphia, including a Textile Museum visit (more photos), lunch at Susanna Foo, followed by a concert at the Kimmel Center. Life is tough, but someone has to live it! It's hard to believe that it's been almost a month, and I still haven't done anything with the photos from Turkey. Before you know it, I'll be taking pictures of the other "turkey."


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