Sunday, October 22, 2006

No Turkey Yet!

Still haven't posted any of the hundreds of photos from the Turkey trip. Too much going on, and not enough time! Yesterday I took a great class in Monotype at the Newark Museum. Since I had to invest in a $40.00 set of Caran D'Ache water soluble wax pastels for the class, I used them to add to a quick pen & ink sketch I did in Cuba, back in February 2002. It's a fun medium...but this has nothing to do with Saturday's class!

Learned a lot of good stuff...such as: how to bevel the edges of your print plate; why you should wipe off the edges of your plate before printing; why a bath towel is better than a blotter to prep the printing paper, etc. We got lots of good information from our instructor, who taught with patience and humor .
Lobby - Hotel Parc Central Havana, Cuba - February 2002. I did this at home, just to play with the water-soluble wax pastels.

The instructor thought this Still Life was good enough to mat & frame. Or was he just trying to encourage me? It was the 2nd print I did, using the water-base monotype inks.
This was the first piece I did and actually my favorite! I call it "Moonflower." That's because abstract is my thing!

I did 2 other pieces, which I may post later, and then again I may not!
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