Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trekking Turkey!

Where've I been? Hiking, sailing, ballooning--is that any way for a septuagenarian senior to spend a vacation! Well, I survived...although my "bad boots" didn't make it. I left them with their tattered heels and torn lining at a trash can at the Kismet Hotel in Kusadasi. Got home last evening and went to bed. Got up this morning to tackle the answering machine and the e-mails (300+). After being fed fresh fruits, great turkish yogurt, fresh squeezed orange juice, and other goodies every day at breakfast, I had my first Turkish-American breakfast of instant oatmeal, sweetened with dried Turkish figs. What a let down!

I haven't downloaded the "few" photos I took...that will come later. Can't wait to pick up Ariel & Belle at the vet's later this afternoon. Hope they remember me after being away so long.

It was a wonderful trip in so many ways...the sights, the people, the fellow travelers, the guide, the little surprising "discoveries," and food stops for special baklava, "sticky" icecream, bananas, etc. etc., and of course, the beautiful turquoise sea and sky!'s back to the "real" and more about the adventures in Turkey later.


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