Monday, June 05, 2006


Mostly this blog is used to share photos of places, people and posies...including insignificant, unimportant, non-landmark, non-target NYC places such as the roof of the Metropolitan Museum, the garden of the Museum of Modern Art, the streets of Soho and Chelsea!

I was born in NYC, grew up in NYC, spent my working life in NYC, and now that I live across the river, "go to The City" every chance I get. As I often tell my friends, if Publisher's Clearing House ever knocks at my door, the first thing I'll do is get a NYC apartment.

Just walk down any street in NYC and you will see the faces and hear the languages of the world. Who are those people? Why are they there? Who are those folks in the tour buses, the museums, the waterfront, the theaters, the shops? Do they know something Chertoff doesn't?

As for being a potential target...I suppose since September 11th turned the World Trade Center into Ground Zero...(after only two attempts)...there's nothing else of significance....

I thought about naming just a "few of my favorite things" about New York but decided a) the list would be too long b) the people who visit, live and work in NYC have their own lists and c) why should this information be shared with Chertoff and his cronies? They might decide to visit and then Mayor Bloomberg would have to spend NYC taxes providing protection for them!
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