Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Left Foot +3

I got three other ladies to join me in my "Left Foot Series." If it's silly (and harmless), you can get people to go along!
And yes...that is blue nail polish...someone gave a bottle to me as a gift (probably thinking I'd never have the nerve to use it). Well, I did!
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Anonymous Susan said...

Wait a minute!!!! Is that a real tatoo????
When? Where? Did you design it?
O.K. ..... What's next?
Love, Love, Love,
( your niece )

11:25 AM  
Blogger Irene's Images said...

Oh, noticed! It's not real (yet), but a real one is on my "bucket list." I plan to do it sometime after I get back from the West Coast trip. I want either a Dragonfly or a Butterfly. I'm looking for designs and a tattoo parlor that's artistic and sanitary.

What's next? Who knows...maybe a belly button piercing? A ride on a Harley-Davidson? Sky Diving?
No...I will NOT try bungy jumping.....I don't think the risk of a back injury is worth it.

This not my second childhood....just the rebellious teenager in me hidden all these years. Don't tell James...I wouldn't want him to get any ideas! And don't tell Ann...she'll think I'm losing it.

Love you too
Irene (your Aunt)

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Susan said...

I think you should design your own tattoo. When you pick a place, look at their work. It's all in the shading and their ability to do fine detail. This is especially true for a smaller tattoo. Sorry, I just assumed it won't be really big. I should know better.
Love, Love, Love,

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Susan said...

Let me know when you are ready for that ride on a Harley-Davidson. I think I can arrange it.
More Love,

10:35 AM  
Blogger Irene's Images said...

Looking forward to that Harley ride! I plan to get tattooed this Fall, so let's save Harley for Spring 2011. I sent you a regular e-mail earlier today.

Love ;)

Aunt Irene

11:25 PM  

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