Saturday, June 06, 2009

No, It's Not San Francisco!

Spent five days in May on a Newark Museum trip to San Francisco...but the hundreds of photos I took still need organizing. I realize I have two "addictions"....taking photos and going to museums. Why else would I visit 8 museums on a 5-day trip, get home Monday night, and then visit 2 museums in NYC on Thursday? Only my right knee is trying to tell me...aren't you getting too old for this?

The 2 NYC Museums (Museum of Art and Design...known as MAD; the NEW Museum of Contemporary Art) don't allow photos, so I just got a couple of street shots, a few from the meeting space at NEW, one from inside Gemma's where we had lunch, and several from inside the bus. I carried only the Fuji P&S Camera, but I'm still happy with some of the "photos on the run." These are not trips where you can linger and're always meeting an appointment at the museum, at lunch, or getting back to the bus! I'm really looking forward to the Photowalk in July where 50 people with cameras and sneakers meet at Columbus Circle for the sole purpose of taking photos!

Here's one of the NYC "from inside the bus" photos. I have to start carrying a small notebook so I'll know exactly where the photo was taken (well, I really care?):

NYC Reflections


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