Friday, May 02, 2008

Li'l Abner, New Hope and Lambertville

Full Moon Diet
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Wednesday was a fun day. I got a free ticket for a bus trip to New Hope for a performance of Li'l Abner. First a brief stop at Washington Crossing to see a short film and a digital copy of the famous "Washington Crossing the Delaware" painting. Pre-theater coffee & pastry at "The French Cafe" in New Hope had Starbucks beat by a mile! There was a 2-hour "free time" break from 1-3 PM before a late lunch at Lamberville Station. It was a beautiful sunny day although a little on the cool, breezy side. I spent it walking over the bridge into Lambertville and taking lots of photos.

Got a kick out of this restaurant sign...they only serve dinner "every full moon." Now if I only ATE DINNER every full moon, I might lose a few pounds!


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